Faculty Awardees


Sora Shin

Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at Virginia Tech Carilion

Neural circuit mechanisms underlying early life trauma-induced maladaptive behaviors

Tae-In Kam

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Cell Autonomous and Non-cell Autonomous Neurodegeneration in Neurodegenerative Diseases


Shinjae Chung

University of Pennsylvania

Neural circuits underlying sleep and emotional regulation

ChangHui Pak

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Understanding synapse biology in health and disease through human iPSC-based neural models.

Won Chan Oh

University of Colorado

Wiring the brain: Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neural circuit formation & plasticity


Sung Han

Salk Institute

Neural circuit-based understanding of neuropeptidergic systems in the brain.

JungA Alexa Woo

Case Western Reserve University

The mechanisms by which β-arrestin1 and β-arrestin2 contribute to tauopathy involve promoting tau aggregation and inhibiting its clearance.

Jun-Ho La

University of Texas Medical Branch

Mechanisms of pain chronification and resolution


Yongsoo Kim

Penn State University

High resolution 3D mapping to unveil cell type architecture in the mouse brain


Hansang Cho

UNC at Charlotte

Reconstructed 3D human Alzheimer’s disease brain model

Kwanghun Chung



Junhyeong Cho

Univ California Riverside

Synaptic memory engram for conditioned fear memory

Shinhyeok Kang

Temple University

Defining Molecular Basis of Oligodendrocyte Abnormalities and White Matter Diseases


Gloria Choi


The interaction of the immune system with the brain and the effects of that interaction on neurodevelopment, behavior and mood

Yushin Kim

UT Medical Branch

Imaging Pain In vivo

Hyung Bae Kwon

Max Plank Florida Institute

Activity-dependent synaptogenesis during early development in mammalian brain


Hyunsoo Je


Role of neurotrophic factors in mammalian synapse modulation.

Jungsu Kim

Mayo Clinic

Investigating the roles of APOE and non-coding RNAs in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease

Hanseok Ko

Johns Hopkins University


Inhyun Park

Yale University

Investigation of human neurodevelopmental disorders by stem cell models.

Andrew Yoo

Washington University

Direct neuronal reprogramming and modeling of late-onset neurodegeneration


Kevin Park

University of Miami

Promoting axon regeneration: Insights from the retinal neurons

Jinhyung Lee

Stanford University


Taekyung Kim

Univ. Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Yoonseong Kim

Univ. Central Florida, College of Medicine (now at Rutgers University)

Translational regulation of alpha-synuclein on the mitochondrial outer membrane


Jae K Lee

University of Miami

Mechanisms of fibrosis after CNS injury


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