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Post-meeting announcement of 2019 Chicago AKN

Meeting Report of 2019 AKN meeting

AKN abstracts 2019

YouTube video of the Main meeting

Photo Gallery of Pre- and Main meeting


Dear Colleagues in Korean Neuroscience Community,


On behalf of the Association of Korean Neuroscientists in America (AKN), I would like to express sincere appreciation of all those participated in the 38th AKN meeting held in Chicago on October 21, 2019. As a new initiative, the meeting was conducted mostly in Korean. I hope the meeting was pleasant, informative and productive to each of 250+ attendees, particularly in networking with our fellow Koreans in Neuroscience.


The above links will lead you to a brief Meeting Report, Photo Gallery and YouTube video of 2019 AKN meeting. Please check them out for your memory or to catch up on the meeting if you were unable to attend. All the talks including those of the pre-, postdoc and faculty awardees are in the video in their entire length for your perusal.


I would like to give special thanks to all the sponsors, AKN faculty officers and volunteers for making this meeting possible. We look forward to meeting you all at 2020 AKN meeting at Washington D.C.


Best wishes,


Young-Jin Son, AKN president (2019-2020)


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