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AKN Meeting 2007

AKN 2007 Meeting Summary

Association of Korean Neuroscientists (AKN) Annual Symposium, 2007
Poster Session: Tuesday, November 6, 2007, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Location: San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA (Room 3)

Following the tradition of the AKN Symposia held in the past, we held a poster session during which 36 posters were presented and a total of about 250 members attend the reception and poster session.

The posters were selected by the Symposium Committee Members, spearheaded by Eunjoon Kim at KAIST for Korean members and by Kendall Lee at Mayo Clinic for members from US and other geographical areas.  The list of posters and program can be viewed at this link (pages 4-5 of final brochure).

Posters that were presented by students and postdoctoral fellows were selected for AKN awards. The application for the awards were solicited and accepted at the same time as poster presentation request. They submitted their abstracts and CVs for the Award Selection Committee members. The awardees had to be present during the meeting to be eligible for the award. Some presentations were noted to be outstanding, but did not received further consideration for award since the presentators were not present. Award certificate and cash awards were presented during the meeting.

2007 Award Recipients:

AKN Outstanding Research Award: Postdoctoral Fellow Category

Myoung-Goo Kang
John Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore
"AMPA receptor and GEF-H1/Lfc complex regulates dendritic spine development through RhoA signaling cascade.;

Eunji Cheong
"Concomitant control of T-type and L-type Ca2+ channels in thalamocortical neurons by the mGluR1-PLCb4 cascade sets the thalamic sensory gating.;

AKN Excellence in Research Award: Postdoctoral Fellow Category

Eonyoung Park
Seoul National Univ
"Involvement of Nova-1 in the glucocorticoid regulated pre-mRNA splicing of gonadotropin-releasing hormone.;

Hyo-Jin Park
University of Florida
"Interaction of Rer1 with PEN-2 and its role in the intracellular trafficking of gamma-secretase complex.;

Sung-Phil Kim
Brown University
"Point-and-click cursor control by a person with tetraplegia using an intracortical neural interface system.;

AKN Outstanding Research Award: Student Category

Narae Shin
"Sorting nexin 9 interacts with dynamin 1 and N-WASP and coordinates synaptic vesicle endocytosis.;

Ki Hoon Han
"Regulation of AMPA Receptor Endocytosis and Long-term Depression By RalA and Regulated Interaction of RalBP1 with PSD-95.;

AKN Excellence in Research Award: Student Category

KyungHwa Lee
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
"Genetic control of sex differences in C. elegans sensory behavior.;

Jong-Woo Sohn
Seoul National Univ
"Decrease in PIP2-channel interactions is the final common mechanism involved in PKC- and arachidonic acid-mediated inhibitions of GABAB-activated K+ current.;

Martha Havenith
Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
"Millisecond delays in neuronal spiking activity carry information as accurately as firing rates.;

Financial support acknowledgment:
We are grateful for the support of the following sponsors of AKN in 2007: Brain Research Center ( The MOST 21C Frontier R & D Program in Neuroscience; Director: Dr. Kyungjin Kim), Stem Cell Research Center ( The MOST 21C Frontier R & D Program), Bioneer, Inc. (Global Genomics Partner), Professor Zhang-Hee Cho, Ph.D. (Neuroscience Research Institute), SK Life Science, Inc. (SK Bio-Pharmaceuticals), and Cheolsu Shin, M.D. (Mayo Clinic).



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