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AKN Meeting 2003

AKN 2003 Annual Meeting Summary

The third AKN Satellite Symposium was held on Tuesday, November 11 (Convention Center Room 278 - 279, 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.).  This year's event was an open forum for posters and informal reception.   A total of 14 graduate students and 12 post-doctoral fellows presented their posters at the gathering.  This scientific event was followed by a Korean dinner and live music entertainment at Genghis Khan Restaurant.  Approximately 140 members and guests attended both the scientific and dinner events.A distinguished panel of symposium committee members from both US and Korea organized this event.  The US members were: Hemin Chin (NIH, Co-chair), Jang-Ho Cha (Harvard), Mike Lee (Johnes Hopkins), and David Song (UC San Diego).  The Korean members were: Kim, Kyungjin (SNU, Co-chair), Koh, Jae-Young (Ulsan University Medical School), Park, Dongeun (SNU) and Suh, aeyoung (Ajou University Medical School).  Some of the presenters applied for AKN outstanding research awards and the final winners were selected by the committee at the meeting.

Business Meeting

Poster Presentation

Recipients of the AKN 2003 Outstanding Research Awards

Graduate students
Youngjai You University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Kim Sang Ryong Ajou University

Kim Sun Ja

Korea University
Postdoctoral Fellows
Noh Hae Sook Gyeongsang National University
Justin Lee Emory University
Sang-Soep Nahm Texas A&M University Health Science Center

Award Presentation


Financial support acknowledgment
We appreciate the continuous supports from Korea MOST (Neurobiology research program), Hanwha R&D center, Kosen, Yuhan Company R&D center, Techsan Int. company, Joong-Woi Pharmaceutical Co. R&D Center, CJ company R&D Center, LG Life Sciences, Peptron, Macrogen, and Society for Biological Research (SBR).


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