AKN faculty Jin-Hyung Lee receives the NIH director’s pioneer award 2019

  • January 11, 2021 at 9:24 am #351
    AKN Admin

      Prof. Jin-Hyung Lee, AKN vice president, received the prestigious NIH director’s pioneer award 2019.


      Jin Hyung Lee, Ph.D.
      Stanford University

      Project Title: From Optogenetic Functional MRI to Mechanogenetic Functional Ultrasound
      Grant ID: DP1-NS116783

      Jin Hyung Lee is an Associate Professor of Neurology, Bioengineering, Neurosurgery, and Electrical Engineering (Courtesy) at Stanford University. Dr. Lee received her Bachelor’s degree from Seoul National University and Masters and Doctoral degree from Stanford University, all in Electrical Engineering. As an Electrical Engineer by training with Neuroscience research interest, her goal is to analyze, debug, and engineer the brain circuit through innovative technology. She pioneered the optogenetic functional magnetic resonance imaging technology (ofMRI) to enable cell type specific investigation of whole brain circuit mechanisms. She is now developing the mechanogenetic functional ultrasound technology to enable investigation of cell type specific whole brain function in freely moving subjects.

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