[PhD Student] Motor Neurorehabilitation: REIGN Lab at Univ. Houston (Roh Lab)

  • November 27, 2022 at 2:15 pm #1441
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      One Ph.D. Student Position Open in Motor Neurorehabilitation
      in BME at U Houston

      One funded Ph.D. position (Research Assistantship) is available in the Rehabilitation Engineering for Neuromotor Control (REIGN) Lab in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Houston, Houston, TX, USA. This position is available to start in the Spring or Fall semester of 2023.

      The REIGN Lab’s research is focused on understanding the mechanisms of neuromuscular coordination in health and disease (esp. stroke) and translating resultant scientific findings into developing novel neurorehabilitation strategies. We also assess the effects of the rehabilitation methods by using multi-modal approaches, including brain imaging. Our multi-faceted work uses rehabilitation robotics, brain stimulation and neuromodulation, brain imaging, and electromyographic and kinematic quantification. We often collaborate with engineers, neuroscientists, and clinicians because of the multidisciplinary nature of the work.

      We welcome the application of motivated, problem-solving-oriented students who have a passion for promoting motor rehabilitation of people with neurological injuries through their work. The invited Ph.D. student will continue to develop myoelectric signal-guided neurorehabilitation strategies to improve motor function after stroke and keep publishing papers with the already collected data in the lab, but not limited to these, depending on the student’s interest. Please visit the lab website for the scope of our work: http://www.reignlaboratory.com.

      In Houston, Texas, there are over 30 medical hospitals, one of which is TIRR, the #2 rehabilitation hospital in the US (http://tirr.memorialhermann.org/) where the laboratory has a network for collaboration. In addition, Neural Engineering and Neurorehabilitation is one of the three focuses in the Dept of the BME at UH (http://www.bme.uh.edu/).

      Required Qualifications:
      • Research interests in motor control, motor learning, motor neurorehabilitation, neuroscience, physical (or occupational) therapy, or neural engineering
      • BS in engineering or science
      • The desire to conduct experimental neuromechanical and/or neurorehabilitation studies
      • High self-motivation and persistence
      • Strong critical and analytical thinking skills
      • Good work ethics

      Preferred Qualifications:
      • MS in engineering (EE, ME, BME, or computer science) or science
      • Experience in programming in MATLAB and/or LabView, electromyography, brain stimulation (TMS), and/or imaging (EEG, fNIRS)
      • Experience with research related to human motor neuroscience and neurorehabilitation
      • Peer-reviewed conference or journal publications
      • Strong technical writing, presentation, and communication skills
      • Human subjects experimental design and statistical analysis

      Please send your Curriculum Vitae to Dr. Jinsook Roh at jroh@uh.edu.


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