[Postdoc] Robert Hunt Lab (UC Irvine): brain development and brain injury

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      A Postdoctoral Fellow position is available in the Hunt laboratory at University of California, Irvine. Our lab studies conditions of brain development and brain injury where a treatment does not yet exist. We integrate a constellation of molecular, cellular, developmental, electrophysiological and systems-level methods in our research, with the goal of developing new therapies. The lab is currently supported by multiple grants from NIH, DoD, California Institute of Regenerative Medicine and private sources to support these projects.

      Learn more about our research program at http://www.roberthuntlab.org

      We are recruiting broadly, but we are specifically looking for a postdoc candidate with a background and interest in developing new cellular and molecular tools for therapy. Applicants with experience in viral vector design, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, molecular cloning, qPCR, protein biochemistry, iPSC culture and differentiation and advanced microscopy are especially encouraged to apply. Our studies use mouse models, human pluripotent stem cells, and/or a variety of non-traditional animal models. The lab is highly collaborative, and there are many additional opportunities available on campus or within our laboratory for training in neuroscience and stem cell biology.

      Recent papers from the lab:

      • Kim YJ, Khoshkhoo S, Frankowski JC, Zhu B, Abbasi S, Lee S, Wu YE, Hunt RF. Chd2 is necessary for neural circuit development and long-term memory. Neuron. 2018 Dec 5;100(5):1180-1193.e6.
      • Zhu B, Eom J, Hunt RF. Transplanted interneurons improve memory precision after traumatic brain injury. Nature Communications. 2019 Nov 14;10(1):5156.
      • Frankowski JC, Tierno A, Pavani S, Cao Q, Lyon DC, Hunt RF. Brain-wide reconstruction of inhibitory circuits after traumatic brain injury. Nature Communications. 2022 Jun 14;13(1):3417.

      Our lab is located on the Health Sciences campus at UC Irvine and equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities. UC Irvine is a world-class research university with highly ranked graduate programs in neuroscience and biological sciences. Our Southern California location is home to one of the largest academic research and biotechnology hubs in the US. Lab members enjoy direct access to this outstanding community of neuroscientists and clinicians as well as the wide range of recreational activities available in our region. Successful candidates will join an interdisciplinary and highly collaborative team working to develop the next generation of tools and technologies to treat disorders of brain development and injury.

      To apply: Please visit the UCI RECRUIT website located at https://recruit.ap.uci.edu/

      Applicants should complete the online application profile and upload the following materials:
      Curriculum Vitae
      Contact information for 3 references
      Research Statement – Describe prior experience, future goals, and address how you think you can contribute to the overall research direction of the Hunt laboratory.

      Requirements: PhD in Neuroscience, Molecular Biology or a related field. Competitive applicants will have at least one high-quality, first-author publication.

      Salary Information: Salary will be based on University of California guidelines for the Postdoctoral scholars and is commensurate with experience. The position is fully funded by our grants.

      To learn more about the position, feel free to email me directly at robert.hunt@uci.edu.


      https://recruit.ap.uci.edu/JPF07544 or https://roberthuntlab.org

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